Tuesday, May 20, 2008


XMeeting - Powerful Videoconferencing Solutions for Mac OS X
The goal of the XMeeting project is to develop a set of powerful and free Open Source videoconferencing applications for Mac OS X. By implementing the H.323 and SIP protocol stacks, these applications offer full compatibility with well-known videoconferencing clients running on other platforms such as “NetMeeting” on Microsoft Windows, Ekiga (aka GnomeMeeting) on Linux as well as other commercial clients available. H.323 or SIP compliant standalone solutions (e.g. Polycom) are also compatible.
Looks like it might be possible to get every classroom or home connected to videoconference technology in the near future with tools such as these. It will have to become a drag-n-drop install with guided setup screens, but the capability is soon to arrive for anyone on a restricted hardware budget.

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