Sunday, January 15, 2012

Church of Know No God.

I just started a new church here on the internet. It's called the Church of Know No God. If you already trademarked the name or whatever, sorry about that. I searched the internet and didn't find any matches for "Church of Know No God." so I call due diligence in my research.

The Church of Know No God is going to apply for tax-free status under the applicable provisions of Anchorage and Federal laws. I dunno what the heck that means, so I guess that requires more due diligence research for me.

I'll be following the tax law as it's written. Unless I need to write new laws to support my tax-free status. Churches apparently do that as part of their mission in Anchorage. It's true according to this statement by ADN.
In 2006, ... the Anchorage Baptist Temple lobbied the Alaska Legislature to change the law so more of its two-dozen-plus church-owned staff houses would be exempt from taxes ...

Thanks to ratfishtim for his enlightening comment on the tax benefits of becoming ordained. The Church of Know No God wouldn't be here without your incisive wit. I repost here for posterity:

Anyhow folks, this is the real deal. Church of Know No God will hold services on the internet. All you have to do is upload and link to to a video of yourself eating cake. Thanks.

The Church of Know No God will meet here in an effort to live tax free! And eat cake.

I got ordained for this and everything.Example ordination

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