Friday, January 4, 2008

Set Goals From The Heart

What makes people think that January 1st is the magical day to kick a bad habit, lose 10 pounds, eat right, and exercise?

Changes don't become permanent unless the individual is motivated to reach a specific goal. Some folks call it "passion", "will-to-win", or "heart". Truly effective people communicate their goals and inspire others with their own high level of commitment.

So I prefer to set goals from the heart instead of making a "New Year's Resolution". Resolutions are forgotten by February unless you have goals and a plan. Zen Habits has 7 Tips to make '08 great. Leo talks about setting goals, simplifying your focus, taking action, and forming new habits. He also talks about being happy and making personal/family time. This guy knows how to set a goal and make it happen.

In '08, I'm sticking with the goal I already have. My goal is like my personal mission statement. I want to help my children grow and develop; and educate my students to be successful in life.

I use my personal mission statement to guide my decision-making and choose the best course of action. After taking action, it is essential to reflect and make refinements as needed. The best mindset is continuous improvement towards the mission.

It's not a cold-hearted logical process. It's a labor of love. My commitment comes from the fact that I love my family and career.

I see the potential and possibility in others and I just have to help it come out. That's what makes me happy. That's where my heart lies.

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