Thursday, January 3, 2008

Y! Alert: andrew's Tags

Today's updates from andrew's Tags


Yahoo! Pipes

So I got around to playing with Yahoo! Pipes today and built a RSS feed that gets automatically delivered by email to my Blogger account.

To get Blogger set up:
  1. Go to Blogger settings --> Email
  2. Enter a Mail-to-Blogger Address and choose 'Save emails as draft posts'

To create the Pipe:
  1. Login to
  2. Select 'Fetch Feed' & type your Delicious feed URL
  3. Connect the line from 'Fetch Feed' to 'Pipe Output'
  4. Save it

To mail the Y! Alert to Blogger:
  1. Run the Pipe
  2. Click 'Get results by Email or Phone'
  3. Get alerts 'Any changes'
  4. Select 'Just new items'
  5. Enter your Mail-to-Blogger address
  6. Send the email as HTML (formats nicely)

Next time you log into Blogger, you will get a confirmation email from Yahoo. Go ahead and follow the Yahoo! verification steps. Now your new Tags will show up in the list of posts.

Just format the post to get rid of any headers, footers, etc... Publish daily or keep the drafts for a weekly digest. Pretty simple but time-consuming to format the Y! Alert email.

An ersatz hack to be sure, but it will suffice until provides automatic posting for Blogger.

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