Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alaskans learn how to make their own fuel

From adn.com Alaskans learn how to make their own fuel:
Smith is eager to start using biodiesel and already has what's called an appleseed processor set up in his garage. It's a unit he crafted out of a used water heater, a few recycled barrels, some hoses, fittings and pumps to make things flow smoothly from one process to another. He figured he has about $200 into the setup.

"It's all about being an Alaskan and scavenging parts," Smith said.
In another article Do Alaskans really benefit from $130 crude?, ADN interviews an economist to get his take on overall effect of high oil prices. But if Alaskans can make $2 per gallon diesel in their garages, who the heck cares about crude?

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