Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Henrico Resource List and GeoGebra

I stumbled on to Henrico County Public Schools eLearning page and thought it was just your typical "resource links" page.  Wow, was I surprised to find so much more under the surface!

The English and Math pages are chocked-full of thoughtfully assembled curriculum resources. These are too good to just bookmark and forget, so I am going to put them here for future reference.

There are many, many, many teacher-created English lesson plans.  And an entire online curriculum for grade 6-12 Math.  I was especially impressed by the Algebra 1 modules and the integrated GeoGebra applets.

GeoGebra was a great find in itself.  It's open-source, cross-platform mathematics exploration software.  Here is the main page to download your own copy and a wiki with resources and sample problems.

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