Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dina's Report Card

Found a new blog and the My Report Card post was enough to get a spot in the feed reader. Great stuff.
I want a TEACHER REPORT CARD. Something I can pull out next year and say, with confidence, “This is a snapshot of me as a professional at this moment.” And since this thing does not exist, as my last major thinking for the 07-08 year, I’m going to draft my own.
Here's Dina's list:
1) Observations, one per quarter in my class
2) Professional Development
2a) Membership
3) Reading
3) An independent evaluation of the quality of my written Plans
3a) Reflection on those plans. Again, in writing
4) Hard evidence of learning
5) Collaboration
6) Autonomy
6a) Care and Feeding
7) Evidence of supporting literacy as a citizen
8 ) Home involvement
9) Getting stuff
10) And the usual vanilla icing

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