Saturday, July 26, 2008

Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International is a fun resource for science students and teachers. Or anybody who likes ice bears.

  • A National Teen Contest, where participating zoos become part of a nationwide contest to attract teens to act on conservation issues
  • An Online Teaching Curriculum that introduces teachers and students to the issue of eco-tourism in the Arctic
  • Zoo Visitor Enhancements, which provide participating zoos with a polar bear interpretive cart and presentation materials
  • An Online Game consisting of a massive, multi-layer environment that immerses players into the majestic, harsh, and fragile world of the Arctic
  • An expanded Leadership Camp for young people, involving twice as many students and sponsoring institutions
  • A tour to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, where representatives of participating zoos will experience life on the famous Tundra Buggy Lodge® during the peak of the polar bear season.

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