Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Mr. Lucas Goes to Washington via Edutopia:
Telecommunications provides the new learning platform of this century and is replacing the textbook as the medium through which a modern education is provided,' Lucas said. 'The world's knowledge is now available online, far beyond what books and materials can provide in schools and libraries themselves.
George Lucas would like expand the E-rate program to include free broadband access for all schools. High speed internet access is a "digital civil right", according to the prominent filmmaker.

I won't go so far to say broadband is a civil right. It is a service, provided by private industry. The communications industry is out to make a buck, just like the rest of us (channels Ayn Rand).

But I know that E-rate funding is crucial due to the high cost of communications infrastructure and services. In fact, school districts all over the nation count on E-rate funding to balance the budget. Fully funding our schools has to be the priority.

Educational funding is the real issue - not simply more broadband. Federal and state funding has rarely been able to keep up with the changing face of society. From textbooks in 1970 to broadband in 2010, teachers just want enough money to buy the right tool for the job.

Is that too much to ask?

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