Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vodcasting all classroom lectures - Wave of the future?

Vodcasting has many advantages over traditional lectures. Think of the time savings alone! A teacher doesn't have to recreate the same lesson every year. Or wait for the 'slow' student to copy the notes during class. And content delivery is standardized for all students. And available for students who miss class or learn at a distance.

My school uses an online curriculum for independent study and credit recovery. Lectures & flash presentations are built into the curriculum. The teacher is a guide and interpreter for the student. But there is little face-to-face lecturing.

Some problems that I see with such a curriculum are:
1. Students 'watch' the lesson but don't have the opportunity to raise their hand and ask questions of the T.V.
2. Static presentations cannot be adapted 'on the fly' for students of different cultures, language ability, etc.
3. Teachers must assess independently of the presentation. (No 'check for understanding' feedback during the lecture.)

Even so, I think there is great potential for vodcasting. It is an effective way to communicate a specific block of knowledge outside of the normal class day. Prediction: In the next 10 years, you'll be able to find an online vodcast for just about any high school course of study. Maybe just as simple as ustreaming all 180 lectures?

A couple Woodland Park science teachers are vodcasting all clasroom lectures. Check 'em out below.

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