Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ed tech 'cheers and jeers'

Tomorrow my students are videoconferencing with the Alaska Department of Labor to discuss career planning. The conference is part of a year-long Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) class.

CEO gives students from around the state a chance to interact with career counselors and plan for a career. More information at the CEO website.

Some of the technologies that CEO students use are Elluminate, a Moodle-based online course, and numerous web resources. There are several experienced technology leaders involved with supporting and delivering the course materials. The students have little or no problems with the technology.

The school file server is not behaving as well as the videoconference & web technologies. I'm going on 5 school days without being able to mount network home directories from the login window. Ouch.

Server: "Logging in to the account failed because an error occurred. The home folder for the account is located on an AFP or SMB server."

Me: "!@#*"

Let's run-down the time spent on this issue so far:
Me. Forums and troubleshooting (20 hrs so far)
Help Desk phone support. 1 call ticket (1-2 days)
Server Admin #1. remote assistance (1 day)
Tech support. on-site server rebuild (1 day)
Server Admin #2. on-site & remote troubleshooting (1 day)

The problem just appeared out of thin air and server rebuild / replication did not help. Bound clients can authenticate but get the error message every time. Maybe we wait 11 more days for Leopard Server? :-)

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