Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Education Industrial Complex

I can't help wondering what Ayn Rand might say in response to Ruben Salazar's post at Daily Kos: The Education Industrial Complex. He writes,
When I decided to enroll in the NYC Teaching Fellows program this last June my motives were purely and naively idealistic. Instead of working as a paralegal or doing some entry level PR or editorial job I was going to save the world. I knew some of the forces I was going to be up against: poverty, crime, neglect, poor funding and a thousand other factors that inhibit student achievement in inner city schools. What I didn't realize was the degree to which education in this country is being systematically dismantled, privatized and engulfed by the Bush-Corporate apparatus.

Ruben Salazar is a first year teacher with an inner-city job. He's a world apart from Alaska (a conservative state). But I wonder who's getting $$$ while I proctor standardized tests?

You can follow Ruben's first year teaching at Is Our Children Learning?

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