Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Surplus Science Equipment

New (alright, gently used) science equipment arrived at AVAIL today.

A colleague dropped off some surplus items. I am pretty excited to have some physical science materials.
Here is what's new:
2 lasers with mirrors, lenses, filters, etc., almost new
1 vacuum (air pump), almost new
2 cars & 2 spring scales
'bout a dozen pulleys
various metal balls and a centripetal force track
2 class demos for centripetal force, well-used but COOL!
3 Thermometers
1 pH test kit
2 test tubes, brushes, clamps
florence flask, erlenmeyer flask, glass funnel, droppers
1 tuning fork
2 hygrometers, old but working

Here's what didn't make the cut:
Wind tunnel - aerodynamics analyzer. It's missing pieces and, get this, requires Windows 95. lol. Too bad it had never been used.
Aspirin test kit that came with broken bottles of HCl and Ethanol.
1 old timer and 1 bike wheel. They have seen better days. ;-)

Thank you Collette!

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