Sunday, November 25, 2007


$50 million will be paid to 110 Alaska Natives who were abused by 13 Roman Catholic Priests and 2 clerics. The abuse occurred over 30 years, mostly in Western Alaska and Yukon River villages. U.S. courts have assessed damages of $1.1 billion for antitrust violations and $8.5 million for a double-murder. But only after the plaintiff has a day in court.

Remember how Bush II started a war in Iraq to destroy Hussein's weapons of mass destruction? Well that was a lie. Saddam had no banned weapons prior to the U.S. invasion.

And remember when Joe Wilson told the truth about WMD, his wife Valerie Plame was put in mortal danger? Remember when our government blew the cover of our own CIA operative in order to discredit our own U.S. Ambassabor? Well even that has been exposed in court.

All of these facts are not in dispute. And the facts lead to Vice-President Dick Cheney as the man responsible. But only one congressman is actively seeking to impeach him. (Of course it's Dennis.)

One question though: When the citizens of Iraq get reparations, how much will we pay for over 1 million deaths?

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