Thursday, November 1, 2007

Undefeated football teams in week 9

Time to talk smack.

Sure the Pats and Colts are unbeaten but one of them will lose. My fantasy football team is also undefeated and going to stay that way.

Gibbs' Comeback is looking great for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. I love this roster! I like my chances with Romo, MJD, Edwards, and Edgerrin racking up 15-20 points each. And the SD defense has been HUGE lately.

The supporting cast of Evans and Davis is coming on strong and Santonio makes a big play every couple weeks. Brown is a good kicker with a weak schedule and no-touchdown Alexander in the backfield. In all, GC is a consistent, well-balanced squad. No holes in the stat sheet at all.

I'm keeping Gore, Johnson, and Favre on the bench for insurance. They can fill in for injuries or if the matchup is right. Driver, Muhsin, and Skins D are just an afterthought. But their spots might be useful if someone else shows up on the waiver wire.

No matter what happens, GC will win 'em all this year!

How's that for smack?

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