Sunday, November 18, 2007

You know what else would help improve our schools?

Administrators need to be free to recruit (pay) great teachers. On the flip side, schools must be free to cut and burn the standing dead wood in America's classrooms.

Free market economics again. Free the administrators to make personnel decisions based on who gets the job done. Some teachers simply get better results than others. And some teachers have expertise in subjects that are in great demand. Let's pay them!

Teacher unions and the federal government share the responsibility for fixing this problem. It will take a courageous reform effort with a strong leader. Obviously, I'm more Ron Paul than Kucinich on this issue.

But that is mainly due to the fact that teacher unions have become so successful that they have no incentive to improve. The government must provide that incentive in the form of free school choice for all students. I still think Dennis is the man!

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